Whole Number Practice page

Addition and Subtraction Practice

On this page, you will find websites that include games and other activities for you to practice your addition and subtraction with. Enjoy!


Fruit Crushing Subtraction

Let's Borrow!!


Multi-digit Multiplication and Long Division

The following websites have "how to's," examples and practice on multi-digit multiplication and long division:

Tutorials - This website has tutorials from Hooda Math.

Long Division with Decimals - This website has a tutorial about how to do long division using decimals. There is also practice questions and worksheets that can be done for extra help.

Multiplication and Division Practice - This page from MathPlayground has different multiplication and division practice sites.

Division - This page has worksheets students can print to get extra practice.

Multiplication - This page has worksheets students can print to get extra practice.

Long Division Game - This page includes a game that goes through the steps of long division with the student.

Step by Step Multi-digit Multiplication - This page gives a step by step process for multi-digit multiplication. It has 12 practice questions; for each question the student has two chances before it is counted as incorrect.

Multiplication Jeopardy - This page includes a game that gives extra practice to multiplication.

Multiplicator - This page gives practice with multi-digit multiplication and parents can print out a report at the end of the practice.

Multi-digit Multiplication with Distributive Property - This page gives the students a choice to break up numbers and distribute numbers to get their answers.

Long Division Steps - This page lets students practice the algorithm for long division, step by step.