6th Grade Transportation & STEM

Course Description & Goals:

Technology Education is provided to all sixth grade students. The goal of the course is to give students an awareness of the role technology and the engineering field has in our society and its impacts. Students will be involved in hands-on activities both individually and as groups in the following technologies: Transportation, Manufacturing, Communication, and Construction. Emphasis is on group interaction, problem solving, and following directions. 


Grading Policy:

50% = Assignments (Test, Quizzes, Projects, etc…)

45% = Lab Grade

5% = Homework

Our Big Projects:
Coding TicTac Design & Build Isometric Shapes & CADD MagLev Design & Build

Core Standards:

Students will develop an understanding of the characteristics and scope of technology.

Students will develop an understanding of the attributes of design.

Students will develop an understanding of engineering design.

Students will develop an understanding of the role of troubleshooting, research and development, invention and innovation, and experimentation in problem solving. 

Students will develop the abilities to apply the design process. 

Students will develop an understanding of and be able to select and use transportation technologies.