8th Grade Entrepreneurship

Welcome to 8th Grade Entrepreneurship!

The Entrepreneur class offer 8th grade students an opportunity to learn how businesses are created. Students learn aspects such as branding, patents, franchising, prototypes, licenses, and marketing. In opening classes students will complete relevant activities and learn about successful entrepreneurs. Students then have the opportunity to decide which they room they would like to work in. In the Tech Ed. Room students will learn how to use various power tools. They will also learn about shop safety. Students will learn step by step how to create a toy or game that can be donated to various charity. After completing a prototype, students will create an additional toy or game that will be improved. 

In the cooking room, students research recipes and find food that is season appropriate. Students then work in small groups to develop a recipe. After working through the process, students evaluate their food and remake their recipe. Final products will be donated to various charities and functions. 

We at Region 10 believe in incorporating a sense of community within our students. To that extent, products made in both classes will be donated to various charities. Just as in any successful business, we want to instill within our students the concept that giving back to the community is just as important as making a profit.